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How to make an underground starter base

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I've done TONS of screenshot while playing minecraft to remind myself of the steps to build stuff in survival. So I decided I would publish them as tutorials here. Here is the first one with an underground starter base.

Step 1: Gather all the building blocks

Here is the list of all the blocks you will need to build this base.

  • 35 spruce slabs
  • 31 spruce logs
  • 33 spruce planks
  • 9 glass blocks
  • 3 spruce trapdoors
  • 7 torches
  • 1 bed
  • 9 barrels
  • 1 crafting table
  • 2 furnaces
  • 3 ladders
  • 9 spruce stairs
  • 4 stone pressure plates

Which means you will have to collect a little more than a stack of wood logs for this (about 70 logs). I personally use giant spruce trees for that, you can easily get a full stack of wood with one of them.

Note: If you don't have spruce, it's not a big deal, it works with any type of wood.

Step 2: Build it!

Here are the screenshots of all the steps to build this underground base.

Build the top Dig a 3x3x4 hole Dig all the dirt and stone under the slabs and logs Build the inside skeleton with logs Dig the "arcs" On the "ladder side", fill with planks. Otherwise, dig a 3 block hole on the middle Fill the 2 sides with planks Place 3 stairs on the top and 3 barrels in the middle On one side, place a bed, on another place 2 furnaces and 1 crafting table. Fill the floor with planks Place torches as such Cover the middle torch with carpets Place some pressure plates and glass on the top area.