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The Hackerspace Blueprint

This text explains how a hackerspace in Gent works. I found their structure very interesting and I really think that many structures should be organized like this.

Why low-tech is the real future

We often hear that high techs are going to save the world, that electric cars, geoingeenering, medicine, etc; are going to save the world from global warming, crisis, etc. I disagree with this statement. I think many problems occuring in the world are occuring because of high technology and I also believe no technology is neutral. I think we should, in the opposite manner, thrive toward "low techs" instead.

How to make a Zola theme easily

I just re-designed my blog and switched to Zola today! I plan on adding more content soon (Minecraft tutorials, other tutorails, maybe some essays + some videos). But for now this is just a classic tutorial about making a Zola template.

The third password manager option (syncless)

Password mangers often come in 2 types: online and offline ones.

The online password managers are dependent on a cloud platform, many of them are premium, some of them are self-hostable and free. Offline password managers on the other hand (like Keepass) is only a file of encrypted passwords.

Backup your computer with tar

I once had a very annoying problem when trying to backup my computer. Less than 50GB could take an entire night!

So I almost never did backup which was annoying for security and for distro-hopping. That was before a guy on Discord showed me a simple trick that would convert those annoying hours of backup in to less than 5 minutes.

Tips and tricks with ffmpeg

This is a quick cheatsheet for me and for anyone that would be interested by ffmpeg. I use ffmpeg for many things but especially: screen recording and to be able to upload larger files on Discord without Nitro.

The tools I use on my computer

I've already made a similar post in the past, this one is an updated version of it. Note that all the software presented here are free software (or at least open source), except those marked in italic.

How to make an underground starter base

Featured image

I've done TONS of screenshot while playing minecraft to remind myself of the steps to build stuff in survival. So I decided I would publish them as tutorials here. Here is the first one with an underground starter base.

Installing NodeJS on Linux (LTS)

I am doing this quick guide because I think node isn't very easy to install. There are plenty of different installation means and it can get very quickly confusing because some are distro-specific, some are outdated, etc.

My Alacritty Setup

Why I use Alacritty

I am obsessed with lightness and optimization, I try ot reduce CPU and RAM usage everywhere, and try to keep the interface minimalistic.

Installing Etherpad

In this post I'm gonna explain how to install and configure Etherpad on your server (for production).

We're going to: install NodeJS, install Etherpad, setup subdomain, setup HTTPS, setup nginx, create a service file for Etherpad, create a database for Etherpad, change the default Etherpad theme and install new plugins. All of this in less than half an hour...

How to get a free domain name

Domain names are required for a lot of actions on your server, like the SSL certificate generation for example.

But you may want to get one for free to avoid the need of paying anything for your server (in the case when you self-host).