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How to improve Discord with Powercord

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How to improve Discord's look as well as features. How to implement essential Discord features by yourself.

Powercord is a Discord client mod (which modifies your Discord application), it's pretty lightweight, and has a lot of themes and plugins available.

Installing dependencies

First, let's start with the ingredients:

Installing Discord canary

The base of everything is the Discord canary client, this client is an always up to date client with cutting edge features.

First download the tar.gz of it here.

Let's go!

sudo rm /usr/bin/discord
sudo cp ~/Downloads/discord-canary*.tar.gz /opt
cd /opt
sudo tar xvf discord-canary*.tar.gz
sudo ln -s /opt/DiscordCanary/DiscordCanary /usr/bin/discord
sudo rm discord-canary*.tar.gz

Now you can run Discord as usual and it should update, ask for your password and that should be DiscordCanary.

Installing Powercord

Let's install powercord now...

cd ~
git clone
cd powercord/
npm install
sudo npm run plug

Some plugins to install

My three favorite plugins are:

  • hide-blocked-messages which does just that, hiding blocked messages for good.
  • theme-toggler if you have multiple themes that can be handy
  • better-settings which let you have a search bar in your Discord settings.

The following code will install all those three plugins for you. You'll have to restart Discord however.

cd ~/powercord/src/Powercord/plugins
git clone
git clone
git clone

If you want to find other plugins to install you can checkout the list here

My theme

My favorite theme is MinimalCord but I change from time to time. Here's how to install it:

cd ~/powercord/src/Powercord/themes/
git clone

If you want to check out other themes, you can go on this link